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"Lookouts" at St. Louis International Film Festival on November 12

Posted by Ginger Liu on October 10, 2016 at 11:45 AM

Outstanding live action fantasy short "Lookouts" will screen at St. Louis International Film Festival on Saturday, November 12.

LOS ANGELES - Oct. 7, 2016 - PRLog -- Live action fantasy short "Lookouts" will screen at St. Louis International Film Festival on November 12, after gaining industry and audience buzz when it screened at LA Shorts Fest in September.



Pehn, a young woodland scout, races deep into the Eyrewood forest after abandoning his troop of Lookouts as they fall victim to a Basilisk ambush. With guidance from the memories of his Mother and words of warning passed down from his mentor, Pehn struggles to find the courage he'll need to confront his fate and defeat the horrifying creature that hunts him.



Husband and wife team, David and Kristin Bousquet, are experienced motion production specialists through their company, RedGate Films in San Francisco. "Lookouts" is their first venture into classic narrative filmmaking, and is based on the popular Penny Arcade comic series "May We Die in the Forest."


Press Buzz:


"It's seriously astonishing how good this is, and you'll wish it was even longer." First Showing


"Lookouts is Game of Thrones quality." FilmBook


"Lookouts is a stellar achievement that invests in its ideas and its practical/CGI effects enough to bring a monster to life in the middle of an engaging campfire tale. Its merits make a strong argument for a feature-length version." Nerdist


"If you've been looking for something to watch after Stranger Things, you may be sated - at least for the next 12 minutes." The Verge



"Lookouts" will screen at St. Louis International Film Festival on Saturday, November 12 @ 9.15pm.


You can also watch "Lookout" on Vimeo, where it currently has more than 100,000 views.

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