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Public Relations, Media Outreach, PR, Content, Networking, Consulting

JAGS - Non-Profit

Achieving for Children - Non-Profit

Grace Eyre Foundation - Non-Profit 

C3 Health  - Non-Profit

The Road to Mother - Historical war film drama

Lookouts - 2016 Hollywood Music and Media Awards Nominated Short

The Path To Mother - Golden Globe nominated foreign feature 

Remove Background - Photo Editing Service for E-commerce Business

Deepetch - Photo Editing Service for Photographers and E-commerce

Author: Jeffrey D. Lavoie - The Private Life of General Omar N. Bradley

Picnic - Feature Film

101 Vagina - Artist Philip Werner at Think Tank Gallery, Los Angeles 

Towerbabel  - Online Publishing

IndieWire - Playlist

Hollywood Burlesque Festival 

Ronen Chen - Fashion Designer 

Hands Up Holidays - Luxury Holidays

Healthy Surprise  - Vegan

Dalys 1895 Men's Designer Luxury Accessories

Perfumed Jewelry Women's Luxury Jewelry

My Davinci 


BDJ Consulting 

Voiceover Toolbox 

   Friday Night Happy Hour       Monday Night Tease

     Sam Bozzo

     Sandcastle - Film

                     Kids Like Blues 


    Fash Plus 

    Jernel App 

    My Hair Care 

  YAK Apparel    

   Chinelas by Michelle

    Radiology Response 

                                                            The Medullary Paralysis

           Artful Vision

     LPA Moving Pictures 

    Tech Twurl                                                              

    Prince Of Swine - DVD 

      Lock & Mane Fresh Dog

    Holiday Phone 

                                                            Round Table Media Group -

  "The Carla Critical Show"


99% and the Occupy Wall Street       Collaborative Film 

    Studio 11 Films 


      Saleema Noon Sexual Health Educators


                                                            Earth Tangle

      Film Buffet

    Solebay Music 

 Diamond Fireworks 

                  Sugar Habits App 


   Red Answers - Jernel App -

  AIDesignsDating Solutions

Socialsite Creator

The Brazil Film Festival 2011 - Australia 

A Time For Passion  - web series

It-Fr-Es - Spanish feature 

D.J.and Producer Kimmy Baxter

Promoter and Sponsor of Women In Film International  - WIFI Shorts Program 2010.

DRKRM Gallery Los Angeles


"Fanpires in Venice." Good Films LLC.

Grammy nominated singer Angie Stone 

"The Evolution of Andrew Andrews." 

"How To Make Love To A Woman." 

Stefano Boscutti: Author "Don Simpson Experience."

Fever Blister - Burlesque Performer 

PZI Jeans

Prince of Swine 

Fever Blister 

Infection: The Invasion Begins

London Photographic Association 

      LPA Moving Pictures 


Ginger Liu Art 

NorthWest 10 

Grammy Award nominee Angie Stone for her world tour and new album "Unexpected." 

ITS Management 

9909: Independent Feature Film

 9909 Movie

"Ginger is the best...she really elevated the visibility of 9909movie!!!" 
Howard Wexler, Director, Producer.

Cause Entertainment LLC

Good Film LLC Wedding Magazine, 

Charlie Fernandes: Photographer. 










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