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Film and Image Production - Strategy Training Consulting

Film and Image Production


Ginger Liu collaborates with non-profit and arts organizations, business start-ups to define and create a visual strategy and consistent visual branding with film/video and photographic imagery for web and social media. Ginger will work within your budget to create promotional films and images for web and social media, and provide consultation in digital content marketing and applications.



Training and Consulting


Are you ready to take the next step in your visual content?


Ginger delivers Training and Consulting Packages to businesses and communication staff about recording film and audio and digital content marketing - whatever your equipment budget.


You will learn about: filmmaking, editing, cameras, audio, software, applications, video templates, storyboarding, text and graphics, lighting, music, interviewing, stock footage, smartphone and social media applications, story making, content management and copyright law. 


Ginger Liu is a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Photographer, Filmmaker and Artist. Her films and photography have featured in Portrait of Britain and Women Cinemakers and screened and exhibited around the globe. She has worked on numerous independent features in Hollywood and short films in London, and has promoted international clients through Ginger Media & Entertainment for more than a decade.  

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