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I Have Lost Myself - HD Video - MFA Film

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I Have Lost Myself


The Johanneans

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Ginger Media & Entertainment Projects:

"The Johanneans" Set in US, China 

"2 WKS" WW11 drama set in UK and China 

"Royal" Memoir feature set in UK/USA

"Twin City" WW11 drama set in Liverpool and Shanghai 

"Silver Lake" Feature set in US


In development: "The Johanneans"

Feature travel adventure based on 2 weeks in China. A whirlwind tour becomes the catalist to ending grief and moving on with the times just like China itself. Two women, one 85 years old and the other half her age, learn about the past, the future and letting go.  

In development: "Twin Cities."

Feature based on Ginger Liu's parent's parallel lives in two separate cities during the WW11: Shanghai and Liverpool.

In development: "Royal."

Set in Lancashire, London and Los Angeles.


The Johanneans from gingerliu on Vimeo.